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 Our Bugzilla Hosting systems give you scalable cross-platform issue management with the latest version of Bugzilla on dedicated or virtual host. They can easily scale to handle small teams or hundreds of users in multiple geographic locations, and provide cross-platform client/server support for Windows, Solaris, Linux, and Mac OS X giving you the flexibility to use your preferred platform.The systems can be integrated with CVS, Subversion and Perforce. We provide the   maintenance, tech support and customizations you need to put these tools to work for you without expending your valuable engineering and IT resources or paying high license fees. There are no per-seat license fees and no hidden costs. We also provide email technical support with a guaranteed 24-hour response time , plus they come with Tools for Windows Users, Japanese & other language templates, administration tools, technical support and training materials  designed for both new and experienced users and administrators 


The BugZone, Bugzilla Hosting


  • The BugZone,   Bugzilla Hosting is a web-based application on a dedicated server. It is not   partitioned or shared, like most hosting services so you have   access to the backend and you won't risk slowdowns. The BugZone serves   up the most recent version of Bugzilla on your web browsers any   time, any place. 


The BugStation


  • The BugStation is   a server appliance that comes with the same software and   capabilities as theBugZone.   It is plug-and-play ready, and only needs to be connected to   your intranet. Both systems come configured for automatic   nightly backups, RAID I (mirroring), security hardening,   technical support and training tools.

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